Software is replacing hardware

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is getting a lot attention within enterprises and carriers due to the benefits it provides regarding costs and management

Bandwidth on Demand

SDN makes it easy to scale the bandwidth with a click of button making it possible to implement a pay-as-you-go model in network connections.


Network Function Virtualization makes it possible to replace traditional hardware such as firewall, DNS, NAT and turns them into software

Virtual CPE

With Virtual CPE, you can turn any server to a fully functioning router that can run virtual network functions


Software defined interconnection makes it extremely easy to interconnect with others with a single click

Central Management

At the heart of SDN lies the central management giving you single control plane to manage the entire network

Software-defined networks are emerging networking architectures that separate the control plane from the data plane in networking equipment. This is so that network intelligence and state are logically centralized, and the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from applications.